Your best face forward.

We’re bringing a human touch to dentistry.

Your best face forward.

We’re bringing a human touch to dentistry.

We are Lydian Dental on Lamar

We’re making you wish you were at the dentist. Seriously. We’re changing trips to the dentist to be more convenient, affordable, and fun.

Dental Membership Plans

At Lydian Dental on Lamar, we think your dental plan should be like your teeth: straightforward. That’s why we’ve launched a dental membership plan that makes paying for dentistry affordable for any budget and simple as 1-2-3.

  • Free Exams and X-rays

  • Free Adult Cleanings

  • 15-25% Off All Other Dental Services
  • No Waiting Periods, Maximums or Exclusions

Our services cover everything from cleanings and crowns to orthodontics and veneers, making our office a one stop shop for all your dental care needs.

Lydian General

From semi-annual cleanings to restorative care, we can help you maintain a healthy smile everywhere you go.

Lydian Ortho

Braces can help with more than just improving your smile. Straighter teeth can mean a better bite out of that next apple and improved confidence.

Invisalign® Treatment

A New Smile is Possible & Affordable

It’s never too late to get a healthy and beautiful smile! Whether your teeth are gapped, crowded, or crooked—Invisalign treatment is an effective and affordable way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Your smile is our number one goal at Lydian Dental on Lamar so let’s talk about why the Invisalign treatment is so great!

Shorter Timeline for Treatment
Comfortable, Lightweight Materials
Enjoy Food & Keep Teeth Clean
Clouds Neighborhood

We’re not your average dentist. At Lydian, we’re working to bring smiles to neighborhoods in more ways than one.